Production time: 3 weeks for ear headbands. Printed bags ordered separately, ship next day!

Patched Monsters Belt Bag

$35.00 - $60.00


Crossbody or waist bag depending on your body type & fit preference.

Size: Large 13 x 7 x 3.25"
Color: Lavender
Inside zipper
High quality
Scratch resistant material
3.5" mouse patches include a glitter gold trim.

Strap at its shortest:
22.75” at its tightest measuring as small as 36" in circumference.

Strap at its longest:
40” at its longest giving you up to 53" in circumference.

Size: Small - 11" x 6" x 3"

If purchased with the patch, it will be sewn onto the bag.

Inside zipper

Straps when completely tightened:
31” L in circumference at its tightest.

Adjustable strap:
42.5” L in circumference when fully extended.

The adjustable belt can be used across the chest or around the waist depending on body size.